Friday, November 11, 2005

WOW It has been way to longggggggggggg!

Since I have posted here.  Well school started back for everyone!!!  I am taking a class this quarter and one next quarter for my own understand to be able to teach it better.  Dh is taking 3 classes this semester and 3 next then he will graduate in May.  Kaylan is doing better in her grades.  Report cards came home on the 7th and she got all C’s and 1 B.  Last year she had a LOT of F’s.  We are very proud.  Her counselor called yesterday to give me a great update.  She was very courageous and that is the character word this month.  Will post more about that later.  Sarah had all 2’s and 3’s.  She is getting better organized.  Probably has a problem with that just like her Mom.  Devon is being all BOY.  He is in Kindergarden this year and having issues with fine motor skills.  He has postural hand tremors and has had OT before.  Going to work on some stuff at home then after Christmas if still issue then we will look at OT again.


I have some interesting juicy info to post later.  So if you want to see just keep watching!


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